SAFT Podcast

Ep #62- Can You Prove You Exist?

November 21, 2021 SAFT Apologetics Episode 62
SAFT Podcast
Ep #62- Can You Prove You Exist?
Show Notes

In this final episode of this year and Season 3 of SAFT Podcast, Jacob and Steven come on for the first ever live video episode. We’ll be signing off this year by looking at the burden of proof that falls on the Christian and the atheist when one affirms/denies claims such as the universe began to exist. Why is it that many people find the reasons given for many arguments unconvincing? Jump right in to know more!

Chapter markers: 
00:00 Intro
01:25 Conference- Areopagus 2022 teaser!!
01:57 What does it take to believe one statement is true?
03:02 What is the Occam’s Razor?
04:44 Can you prove that you exist?
05:13 Do we need absolute proof that God exists?
07:04 Did man land on moon?
08:42 What does it take to consider the Gospels as reliable?
10:41 We’re not here to blow up church attendance figures!
13:05 The merit of simplifying our arguments
15:35 Using the Trinity-H20 example is a mess!!
16:18 Trinity and the 3D example
18:45 Concluding remark
20:17 Outro

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