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Ep #55- Is Theology King Over Philosophy? (ft. Dr. William Lane Craig)

August 15, 2021 SAFT Apologetics Episode 55
SAFT Podcast
Ep #55- Is Theology King Over Philosophy? (ft. Dr. William Lane Craig)
Show Notes

Theology was crowned the queen of sciences by Thomas Aquinas. In this second part we look at whether philosophy trumps theology by the magisterial use of reason or whether theology reigns as king over philosophy. Unpacking this question is none other than Dr. William Lane Craig, one of the world’s leading philosopher and theologian. Dr. Craig expounds on what it takes for a philosopher to become a theologian, what are the different branches of theology and much more! He also responds to objections against philosophy raised by prominent Christian radio hosts. Tying it all at the end is Dr. Craig’s reply to a question sent in by the legendary Dr. Alexander Pruss! You can’t afford to miss this episode!!

Chapter markers: 
00:00 Intro 
02:08 Dr. Craig's work update on Systematic Theology 
03:25 What do mean by theology? 
06:43 Are Alexander Pruss, Graham Oppy and Alvin Plantinga theologians? 
08:38 The emergence of 'Analytical Theology' 
11:33 Why did Aquinas say theology is the queen of sciences? 
13:04 Todd Friel and Phil Johnson raise objections to Dr. Craig 
15:13 Is it unchristian to say that 'I'm reasonably certain that Jesus was born of a virgin'?
18:06 What are is the magisterial and ministerial use of reason? 
18:58 Is it 'Scripture vs reason' or 'Scripture vs my reasoning'? 
21:41 Can the ministerial use of reason be misconstrued? 
23:46 'Jan loves me' vs 'It's highly probable that Jan loves me' 
28:28 Are Plantinga and Craig poor philosophers because of their theological commitment?
30:06 Possible objection from philosophy of time against Unitarianism? 
33:16 Can we use scientific evidence about the beginning of time? 
36:11 Dr. Craig replies to Dr. Alexander Pruss' question 
43:59 Outro

Links and citation:

(Podcast) Check out part one ‘Ep #52- Is Philosophy Inferior To Science? (ft. Kenneth Samples)’ (

(Website) Dr. Craig’s website (

(Video) Watch the entire clip on Wretched Radio: ‘William Lane Craig: uh oh’  (parts from 1:35-2:45 and 5:43-5:55 were used in our episode) (

(Video) Check out Dr. Craig’s Sunday Bible class ‘Defenders’ on doctrine and apologetics to learn systematically about Scripture and God in depth (

Watch the video podcast here (

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