SAFT Podcast

Ep #52- Is Philosophy Inferior To Science? (ft. Kenneth Samples)

July 04, 2021 SAFT Apologetics Episode 52
SAFT Podcast
Ep #52- Is Philosophy Inferior To Science? (ft. Kenneth Samples)
Show Notes

Science is king above all! That’s the notion prevalent across the atheistic spectrum. It’s also one that’s gaining traction among the laypeople. The reasoning is that since we can do physical tests and understand the natural tangible world and that since scientific discoveries better our life it must therefore be the greatest discipline – the pathway to truth. Often times this thinking hurls philosophy to the side leaving philosophy subject to misguided and disillusioned ridicule. Philosopher and theologian Kenneth Samples, who works alongside an astronomer, astrophysicist, biochemist at Reasons To Believe, points out that such thinking is akin to chopping off the branch one sits upon while aspiring to fly. Yup, that ridiculous!!

Chapter markers:
01:47 What do we mean by philosophy?
3:13 The 'discipline' of philosophy vs 'being' philosophical
6:17 What do we mean by science?
9:59 What does philosophy of science tell us?
11:38 Are philosophy & theology needed to do science?
13:39 Scientific claims are testable & falsifiable. What about philosophy?
19:16 Scientific tests are visible. Isn't it better then than philosophy?
22:46 Science has made life better. What has philosophy done?
25:28 French Revolution & the importance of philosophy
26:52 Misplaced objections to philosophy
30:15 Sean Carroll calls out science's serious deficiency
31:47 Indian cosmologist claims physics buried philosophy
35:23 Conclusion
36:20 Spoiler!

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