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Ep #51- Is Design The Best Explanation Of The Complexity In Our Body? (ft. Dr. Fazale Rana)

June 20, 2021 SAFT Apologetics Episode 51
SAFT Podcast
Ep #51- Is Design The Best Explanation Of The Complexity In Our Body? (ft. Dr. Fazale Rana)
Show Notes

How complex is our body? Highly, highly complex, even down to the cellular level! What seems to be the best explanation of this complexity? Evolutionary theories (theories that are purely natural withholding the possibility of supernatural intervention) and Intelligent Design theories (theories that allow for supernatural intervention) are at odds here. The former claims that pure chance is the best explanation and that this is often made evident by the flaws in our body, something we shouldn’t expect if there was an intelligent designer involved. The latter claims to explain not only the hidden design behind these ‘alleged’ flaws but also posit that the extremity of complexity observed tilts the evidential inductive scale in its favour. Renowned author and prolific biochemist Dr. Fazale Rana joins Jacob to explore whether intelligent design is the better explanation of the data at hand and in the due course drops bombshell insights into how truly complex the human body is!

Chapter markers:
1:18 Fuz at SAFT's Areopagus 2021 conference
2:56 Intelligent Design theories vs Evolutionary theories
5:53 Genesis 1 & the word 'perfect'
7:44 Is the female pelvis bad design?
12:52 Is the male nipple bad design?
20:50 Do we have these flaws because we found shortcuts for evolving?
25:53 Is irreducible complexity a smoking gun for intelligent design?
30:30 ATP-Synthase, the literal machine in our body!
32:32 The biggest challenge to evolutionary theories?
38:14 Weighing good design & bad design on a scale
41:23 What happens to Christianity if there are aliens?

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