SAFT Podcast

Ep #49- Homosexuality, Transgenderism & Christians (ft. Nancy Pearcey)

May 23, 2021 SAFT Apologetics Episode 49
SAFT Podcast
Ep #49- Homosexuality, Transgenderism & Christians (ft. Nancy Pearcey)
Show Notes

Isn’t abortion a right of the women? If the purpose of life is to know God then isn’t euthanasia pursuable for someone who is brain dead? Why is God concerned with what consenting adults do in the bedroom? If no person is born sans-God’s intention, then what is gender dysphoria? Have we bifurcated the ‘person’ from the ‘body’ too much? Where do we as Christians stand on these issues? Should we voice our opinion or keep silent? Nancy Pearcey, heralded by The Economist as “America’s preeminent evangelical Protestant female intellectual”, shares profound insight on these pressing issues.

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