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Ep #42- Christianity, Veganism And Global Warming (ft. Xandra Caroll)

December 20, 2020 SAFT Apologetics Episode 42
SAFT Podcast
Ep #42- Christianity, Veganism And Global Warming (ft. Xandra Caroll)
Show Notes

Veganism and Global Warming are hot topics (pun intended) now more than ever thanks to rising activism and political influence. So how does a Christian respond to it? Are we merciless and selfish because we eat meat? Are we ruthless towards our planet if we don’t engage in activism for global warming? Should a Christian who awaits the return of Christ be bothered if the world melts over today instead of tomorrow? Also, who has the proper moral grounding to be caring and accountable for the flora and fauna of this world- the Christian or the atheist? Prolific RZIM speaker Xandra Caroll weighs in valuable insights into all these and much more!

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