SAFT Podcast

Ep #40- Is Jesus Too Good To Be False? (ft. Tom Gilson)

November 22, 2020 SAFT Apologetics Episode 40
SAFT Podcast
Ep #40- Is Jesus Too Good To Be False? (ft. Tom Gilson)
Show Notes

What if we consider Jesus to be just what many claim He is- a fictional character! What if we consider the biographies of His life, called the Gospels, as just mere fiction? Where does that lead us? Tom Gilson does exactly this in his latest book ‘Too Good To Be False’ which has taken the arena by storm. Tom goes on to show comprehensively that even if Jesus was mere fiction, He is so unlike any other on so many levels that it beggars belief why someone would make up such a fiction. In this most exciting interview Tom and Jacob attempt to unpack for the audience the argumentation of the book which according to J P Moreland “fills a big hole in contemporary apologetics”.

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