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Ep #77 - God and Eastern Minds: Breaching Cultural Barriers (ft. Jacob Cheriyan)

December 25, 2022 SAFT Apologetics Episode 77
SAFT Podcast
Ep #77 - God and Eastern Minds: Breaching Cultural Barriers (ft. Jacob Cheriyan)
Show Notes

Is Christianity a white man's religion? If not, given the extensive depth of theological and philosophical exploration done in the West, how do we present God, Gospel and Christ to the Eastern mind? Is it an attempt that ends up in compromising Biblical truths? Or won't merely preaching the Gospel be enough?! What is the need for these cultural gymnastics?! Jacob Cheriyan has been pioneering the project God and Eastern Minds (GEM) to make culturally substantiated inroads in presenting the Gospel in India. What follows is one of the most fascinating and perspective orienting interactions on SAFT Podcast!

Chapter Markers:

0:00 Intro
1:48 Who is Jacob Cheriyan?
3:08 An AHAA moment to pick apologetics?
6:56 From RZIM India to Life Focus Society
9:18 Cultural impact of board games and Reformation
14:01 What is God and Eastern Minds (GEM)?
17:41 Eastern Jesus Christ vs Gospel Resonating with the East?
23:01 Why don't you present the simple Good News as is?
28:42 Does GEM engage in just the core of the Gospel or the theological depths too?
33:25 How effective is GEM to reach gram's young culture?
37:05 How does GEM help answer a common apologetics question?
42:51 I am interested in GEM! What shall I do?
46:33 This is the Lord's doing!! Marvelous!
47:31 SAFT Updates!
49:07 Outro

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