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Ep #66- Exploring Possible vs Probable vs Plausible

July 24, 2022 SAFT Apologetics Episode 66
SAFT Podcast
Ep #66- Exploring Possible vs Probable vs Plausible
Show Notes

‘It’s impossible that you win the lottery’. Or wait; is it ‘it’s improbable that you win the lottery’? Maybe the right way to say is ‘it’s implausible’. What do these words mean? And why is it important that we know the difference to better articulate our points? In this episode Ankit rejoins Jacob to unpack what is meant by the terms possibility, probability and plausibility. Join them as they continue exploring and explaining the Kalam Cosmological Argument in the Natural Theology series.

Chapter markers: 
00:00 Intro
00:06 Catch up
01:28 Recap of last Episode
01:51 What is KCA?
05:20 Possible vs Probable vs Plausible
08:35 Possibility 
12:31 Probability 
13:36 Plausibility
16:28 Our aim as we defend arguments
19:53 Outro

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